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About us

You Might Say We’ve Got It All. And You’d Be right.

Since the first day we opened our doors, our focus has been to create an elegant setting where you can connect, relax, and enjoy.  A crackling fireplace, rustic wood decor, and soft music soothe the senses.  Mouthwatering, artfully presented dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients delight your palate. And classy service, delivered while you lounge in plush, cozy chairs, elevates the evening.  All these elements work in harmony to create the perfect dining experience.

Upscale Scene

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How is Lamppost different?

  • We level up the dining out experience, bringing Manhattan grade delectable cuisine right to your backyard. 
  • We take customer feedback seriously- we want you feeling fabulous.
  • We lay on the charm.  Your evening starts and ends with friendly, attentive staff.  Whatever accommodations you need, we’re eager to oblige

And After Dining With Us, The World’s a Better Place.

At Lamppost, we know you’re not just coming for a meal. You’re here for the experience.  And every element of your evening at our restaurant is designed to leave you feeling special, spoiled, and delighted.    When you walk out the door, delicious tastes linger on the tongue.  You’re comfortably full and relaxed, in that drowsy state of  satisfaction.   Because we’ve crafted an evening for you that’s absolute perfection.  And after dining with us, you’ll be happier, friendlier, and see the world differently.  In fact, it’s a better place.    

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